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Greetings from the Mayor

Ayuntamiento de Cómpeta  •  • 952 516 006

Ayuntamiento de Cómpeta


Greetings from the Mayor


It is for me a great honour and it fills me with pleasure to have the power to present this Web site, which has the purpose to divulge and promote the qualities and beauty of this municipality.

With this page we achieve one of the main objectives that the presiding corporation has, there is no other way in promoting close contact with the citizen, and at the same moment facilitating a larger amount of information about the services provided by the Town Hall. This Web aspires to give information, no matter where you are in the world it is possible to get to know our village. Simultaneously incorporating amplified services of administration, which are designed to enrich the relation of the corporation with the citizen. We encourage all net users to send their suggestions, ideas and opinions, things that they would like to put forward relating to the local municipal administration. Helping to make thing more open and innovative and between us improving the presence of this village on the Web.

This Web site should be like an open window to help the visitor to get to know our village. Cómpeta is a village with great possibilities, located in the unique surroundings of the Sierra Almijara, within the district of Axarquia near Málaga. With special customs and identity the visitor can find out more through the internet. From this land comes the extraordinary wine, celebrated by the most discerning and cultivated palates. Cómpeta is a village where the past and present live in perfect harmony, the industry and nature, the traditional and the modern, diversion and work. Here you have the opportunity to relate to the people who are the greatest and the most important patrimony that we have.

In the name of the village of Cómpeta I wish to thank you for your visit and hope that you find the information contained in this Web interesting and useful. We invite you to come and get to know us, visit and enjoy everything that our municipality has to offer: Our fiestas and traditions, monuments, natural park, culture and gastronomy, and an endless list of other charms.

Best wishes,